BiO(organic) Crop Farming Strategy

 -strategy comprised of a specific  farming technique that involves a comprehensive soil analysis coupled with little to no tillage  
with crop rotation strategies(using cover crops),plowing+seeding on the same passage of the mechanized machine, fertilizing
 only with organic fertilizers for  bio(organic farming)), water usage, harvesting with manual or mechanized means of production 
 in the organic way of using only certified  fertilizers and/or pesticides as  organic farming inputs !

Advantages of this strategy: -
 - lower fuel costs for some of the conventional processes of farming are skipped …
 -lower water usage costs for the cover crops provide an unique moisture layer
 -little to no fertilizer costs for the cover crops are used to increase the soil's nutrients

Disadvantages of this strategy: -
 -higher costs on  analysis and proper supervision/assessment  over time of inputs and outputs

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