Conversion Crop Farming Strategy for organic farming

-strategy comprised of basic farming techniques but modified so that the intervention on soil layers is kept to a minimum through vertical tilling ,plowing+seeding on the same passage of the mechanized machine, fertilizing(but only with certified organic fertilizers for  bio(organic farming)), water usage, harvesting with manual or mechanized means of production also called as intensive farming but adapted to the organic way of using only certified  fertilizers and/or pesticides as organic farming inputs !

Advantages of this strategy:

- lower costs on fuel usage for the earth ressistance to vertical tillage is significantly lower and  also some  processes are done on the same passage of the mechanized machine
- lower costs on water usage for vertical tillage improves the way the water is stored in earth layers

Disadvantages of this strategy:

-higher costs for using/purchasing proper mechanized machines and auxiliary equipment

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